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The Bethany Family - Growing in Faith and Serving Others

Come and discover ... peace - peace that does not depend upon one's life circumstances being just right but peace that is there, deep within oneself, even when things are not going our way.

Come and discover ... strength - power to cope and to manage, but more - strength to live victoriously even in the midst of problems and setbacks.

Come and discover ... Jesus Christ, the Giver of peace, strength, help, and all the things that we need in order to live - really live, today and tomorrow and beyond.

In these unsettled times, the Christian family of Bethany extends our concern for members of the armed services who are facing danger in service to our nation and who are separated from their families. We offer the following prayer....

Lord of the nations, be with us all in this troubled time. Protect the women and men of our armed forces and keep them in Your loving care. Bring peace to all nations and bring peace to all hearts.In Jesus Name, Amen