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Our church offers a series of "101" seminars that help connect your spiritual journey with what we believe, teach and confess here at Bethany Lutheran.

BIBLE 101 is an introduction to the Christian faith which is meant to be helpful no matter if you are an experienced believer, or you are just curious about the faith. We'll ask the questions:
- What is the main narrative of the Bible?
- Why is the Bible so important?
- How do we read the Bible?

LUTHERAN 101 is ideal for those who may come from a different Christian background who want to be better acquainted with our Lutheran particulars. We'll explore:
- How are Lutherans both Evangelical and Catholic?
- What are the Sacraments?
- LCMS - what do these letters mean?

BETHANY 101 will help inform everyone about how God has helped us form as a congregation and where we think we'll be going in the future. We'll discuss:
- What does the Bible say about being a church?
- How have we been the church in Alexandria?
- How can you be involved in the ministry at Bethany and in the community?

Please contact Rev. Jagow to join one of the 101 seminars:

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