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Lutheran Table Talk is offered periodically at Bethany Lutheran for any seekers that want to know more about what we believe, teach and confess, or any current members who wish to brush up. We are fellow travelers and all spiritual journeys are welcome as we learn together. The summaries for each session are below in the form of the questions that are asked in each class.

"MY SONG IS LOVE UNKNOWN" - What is the main thing at Bethany Lutheran and how do we keep the main thing, the main thing? Is there a key for understanding everything we do at Bethany?

"THY STRONG WORD" - How do we know what we know about God? Where is God revealed in our lives? How does His Word come to us, today? What promises do we cling to in our lives?

"O HOLY SPIRIT, ENTER IN" - What is the difference between spiritual death and spiritual life? How can we be sure we are saved? How does God's Spirit give us life, today?

"JESUS, LEAD THOU ON" - Does God want to guide our every day decisions? How does God work through His Word and His world to guide us? Does life come with an instruction manual?

"I LOVE THY KINGDOM, LORD" - What are we saying when we pray "Thy Kingdom come"? How does God's Kingdom come, today? How are we connected to God through the church?

"FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT" - What are the biggest struggles we face in life? What is the best way to live our lives right now? What is the connection between the past, present and future church?

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