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Prayer Chains
The Bethany family supports its members and friends through telephone prayer chains. If you have a concern or reason for thanks you would like to have brought before God, we will pray for you.

O gracious Lord, grant that we may prize the privilege of prayer. May the matters of our prayers always be humble, raised in supplication, and in unwavering faith of the Son's never-failing intercession. Amen.

For more information, contact the office or call 703-765-8255.


Bethany Daily Prayer Groups Points of Contact

Prayer Chain, Joyce Pukas, email or church office 703-765-8255

African Immigrant Ministry Prayer Line (conference call) 1-805-360-1000, Pin: 559429#;
Evening Conference Calls:
Mondays and Wednesdays: 9-p.m.
Fridays 12 midnight to 1 a.m.
Pastor Joseph Davis, (703) 348-7210 or email