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Please visit us for live broadcasts of our worship services and other events in the church sanctuary
Click here to access our worship bulletins to assist you in participating in live worship services.

Viewing Streaming Video of Worship Services using VLC Media Player
Note: If you are using an Android mobile device and are having trouble connecting via VLC Media Player, go to the Google Play Store and download the free VXG Chrome Media Player Plug-in or the free RTSP Player (IP Camera Viewer). The instructions will be similar to those listed below. Ensure you input the URL address listed below.

Viewing the video stream requires a stand-alone Real-Time Streaming Protocol player. One of the best RTSP players is VLC Media Player, a free, open-source, multimedia player, from the VideoLAN Organization. VLC will work with Windows, MAC OS X, and most other operating systems.
IT IS FREE. There are NO requirements to register the VLC program - NO request to provide an email address - NO request to establish an account with VLC.
NO spyware, NO user tracking, NO ads.

If you already have VLC loaded on your device, begin with the instructions under the third set of graphics below, beginning with, "After opening the VLC program..."
Click here to reach the VLC download page, then find the VLC Media Player link for your operating system. See graphic below.

Click the link for your operating system and another page will open. Click the most appropriate button for your operating system and download the program installer. See examples below.

After downloading the VLC installer, double click it to install and select "Run." Let the program run its course to install itself into your operating system. After installing, open the VLC program. When opened, the window should appear similar to the graphic below. All graphics below are from the MS Windows Operating System. The window on your device may not be the same if your device uses a different operating system.

After opening the VLC program, click "Media" in the upper left of the toolbar and you will view a list of options. Select "Open Network Stream..." which will open a new window shown below.

Copy this URL address (omit the quotation marks): "rtsp://" , and paste or type it into the box below the words, "Please enter a network URL:"
When you have completed this task, the window should mirror the graphic below.

Click the "Play" button at the bottom of the window and you will be connected to a streaming video of the Bethany sanctuary.
If you are unable to view the video, or have other problems related to the streaming video, please contact Bethany's web help desk.